About Us

God’s vision took a hold of our hearts and lives and moved us to gather a community of multi-cultural people in the city of Saint Paul, who are becoming like Jesus and being Jesus to the world.

Our intent is to be multi-ethnic, although a primary Latino expression, we are building a multi-socioeconomic Christian church in east Saint Paul. We are called to be a diverse and inclusive community seeking to be like Jesus.

At La Vina Saint Paul, we welcome people from all backgrounds and at any spiritual level. Our functions and services are open to any person who is willing to come and explore the Christian faith. Our aim, in everything we do, is to help people live in the way of Jesus with the heart of Jesus. We believe that Jesus’ life was not only necessary for our salvation, but it was also an invitation to live as he lived. We long to become more like him and help others do the same because that is ultimately what the world needs.

Bible study before we became a church

We are being relevant to our community and La Vina operate a full-service food shelf in the heart of the East Saint Paul neighborhoods.

We invite you to come join the movement and serve our communities and each other. Complete the following form and one of our team members will contact you.


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